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At Greenview medical Centre we offer all the support and advice for the expected parents. Our expert panels of doctor discuss the process with the patients and fixes appointments with the gynecology department to have regular checkups and record all data’s relevant for the wellbeing of the patient.

 All expected mothers may have worries and concerns regarding the birth process. Normal delivery is the natural way of giving birth to babies. Normal delivery is painful but it always depends on the perception of pain in each individuals. For a normal delivery it is important to follow proper nutritious diet, involve in less strain physical activities and to have a thorough knowledge on the birth process to reduce stress and anxiety during the delivery.

Painless delivery is the most recent advancement in the birth process. Painless delivery also known as Epidural Analgesia or Epidural Anesthesia is now adapted by most expected mothers. This method ensures that the mother have less pain during the birth process and can be in a comfortable state during the complete process..

Epidural anesthesia includes a local anesthetic which is injected near the spinal cord during the labor process. The anesthetic numbs the region around the waist. In this form of anesthetic the patient is fully conscious and there is no restriction to movement. Only the waist region will be numbed so that the expected mothers feel less discomfort and pain during the contraction of muscles through the labor process. The anesthesia is injected as a single or multiple doses through a catheter to the spinal canal.

The main advantages for painless delivery is that the mother can be conscious and active during the labor process and experience very less pain and discomfort. In case if the patient require an C section due to any reasons or complications the anesthetic effect can be increased and spread to other part of the body through the epidural catheter. When the labor pain is more, the blood pressure and hormone levels may raise causing discomfort and uneasiness. Epidural Anesthesia acts upon the elevated pressure and hormone levels bringing them to normal levels and can be comfortable. Painless delivery keeps the mother in relaxed state and can welcome the baby with joy.

At Greenview medical Centre we have an expert team of doctors, nurses and anesthetist to discuss the painless delivery option and to take proper care from the beginning of the pregnancy to childbirth with no complications using best medical infrastructure and medical utilities to provide all round care and support to the patients. For any queries related to painless delivery contact us.






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